11 Qualities In MEN That Will Charm The Pants Off Any WOMAN

There is nothing hotter than a man who actualizes his potential.

Even if a man strives for his potential and doesn’t actualize it but TRIES and does the best he can, THAT IS HOT TOO!

It’s the men that don’t try, the men that don’t care, and require someone to whoop their ass into gear that are just as sad as Country Songs on repeat.

Awake Women know what we don’t want. We’ve spent countless years and relationships figuring it out.

So, let’s talk about the good stuff. Let’s talk about WHAT MAKES A MAN A CUT ABOVE THE REST.

Women are not as hard to please as men think. We just crave a depth of character and soul that requires a man’s awareness and effort.

Every woman wants a man who cares about being the best version of himself he can possibly be.



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10 Magnificent QUALITIES In MEN




We women love it when you men seduce our senses. A man who takes the time to rouse a woman’s senses with his hands is a man of fire, passion and intrigue. He is ALIVE and we can feel it. So many men don’t know how to bring their soul, their heart, or the feelings to a woman’s body, so when a man does he is the most precious creature imaginable to us. Women want to be touched, caressed, kissed, loved, desired. We want to receive as much as we want to give. It’s not just you men that like affection and touch. Even the small things: the way you put a lock of hair behind her ear, trace your hands up the back of her neck, trace your fingers over her lips… you get the picture. Or touch her for no reason at all other than you just want to connect.

TOUCH: trace your fingers over her skin, teasingly, delicately, erotically. Don’t just go for the goods. Women want to feel your soul radiate through your fingertips. We want to feel your energy. Ask a woman is she can feel your energy in your fingers and if she can’t try to slow down and bring your energy to your hands. A man with energetic hands will keep a woman coming back for more.

TASTE: kiss. Kiss. Kiss. We want you to spend as much time as you can kissing us. Tug at our lips gently or aggressively when the time calls for this. Keep us entranced in your kiss. Trace your lips over our neck and behind our ears (no tongue in the ear that’s just gross). Suck on our breasts. Hang out with our bodies parts as if every square inch of us is a mystery you are trying to unravel.

SMELL: cook us food, bring us fresh cut flowers, light candles. Rouse our sense of smell with fragrances that enhance our world. Do you know what scents your woman loves? Smell good for us. Women like to linger around your neck, we like to kiss your body and get lost in the sweet nectar of your aroma too. The better you smell the more we like to get all up on you.

SOUND: talk to us. We want to hear your voice. Seduce us with your words, your mind and music. Give us your sound, in whatever fashion it speaks to YOU. We want to know you and know what you like to. Expose us to your world. The world of what ignites your senses. The world that you love to hear. Share it with us.

SIGHT: women want to be seduced too guys. We want to see what you got. We want you to bring out our inner animal. We want to look into your eyes and see the world through your eyes. The senses are a fabulous way to share who you are with a woman. Don’t hold back. The more you give the more a woman wants to give back.



Is there anything better than laughing your ass off? A man who has a good sense of humor, who doesn’t take himself or life so seriously is a great asset to a woman. Life is full of heavy demands and things that weigh you down. Humor allows a woman to see your wit, your take on life and the things that amuse you. The more you share your inner muse with a woman and let it rip, get her giggling and light, your dynamic will prosper. LET YOUR INNER COMEDIAN OUT. Believe me, you all have one.



The greatest gift you can give a woman is your presence. Presence is different than attention, it means your WHOLE BEING is engaged. Your heart and soul are in your eyes, emanating through every fiber of your being. A woman never has to wonder or ask where you are, she knows. She can feel you. You are right there, connected to yourself, nature, your masculine and the feminine, both within yourself and women. When you have presence you show up, drop in, invest and give of yourself.

A man with presence is connected to his soul and his heart and it shows. A man who has presence has so much presence that even when he is not with you, you know he’s with you. 🙂



When you are a man who embodies his warrior’s spirit you don’t whine when your ego gets bruised. You don’t blame and shout, “Well, what about women? What about all their flaws?” When you embody your inner warrior you are a MAN who has harnessed his animal spirit and knows the sacredness of protecting the earth, women and children. A modern man who displays a Warrior Spirit is an Awakened Man. When you are a warrior you are at peace with nature. You LOVE and HONOR women. You do not compete with women. A warrior fights for what is fundamentally right and doesn’t waste his time with nonsense arguments that only serve to sustain EGO. A Warrior is a MAN of TRUE HONOR and INTEGRITY. He exists in every single man on this earth, but only a few have the COURAGE to activate the WARRIOR within. Women will stand next to Warrior’s till the end of time and will never stop looking for the Warrior in MEN. A warrior is a TRUE MAN.



A man who might not be great at something but tries anyway, or a man who might have far to grow but is willing to accept adversity and challenge and overcome obstacles is a CAPABLE MAN. Capable men are cat nip to women. A capable man is accountable and responsible, and shows that he doesn’t need to be nagged to know what he must do. A capable man wants to be the best version of himself and has a sense of pride in what he does. Women love capable men because they care and they try. Capable men are dependable and self motivated with a sense of purpose.

6). R-E-S-P-E-C-T


A man who understands respect knows how to communicate and LISTEN. He operates from a place of respect for himself and is able to extend his respect outward to others more easily than a man who is not respected or feels threatened. A respectful man is not ruled by his own selfish impulses. He is not afraid and he is able to act in a way that doesn’t violate a woman’s boundaries. If a woman asks a respectful man to honor her request he will without question.  A man who respects himself doesn’t need to demand respect. He already has it.



There is nothing like a man who likes to have a good time, who lusts for life, and craves adventure. A man with an adventurous spirit will get a woman out her comfort zone and dancing with the natives. Life can get so monotonous and ordinary, but eventually it lacks the level of passion and intrigue you all seek to feel ALIVE. A man with an adventurous spirit is impassioned by life and experience, which bodes well for a woman who likes to live and taste the unordinary.



A man with a mind and the ability to FEEL and articulate his emotions is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. A man who can self reflect and see a greater reality beyond himself is AWAKE. A man with an emotionally intelligent mind has vision, ideas, dreams, ambition, and drive. These desires come from his heart and less from his head. A man with a mind is far more likely to be reasonable and intriguing. A man who talks and thinks, and wants to unravel and unearth things is magnetic and intoxicating to listen to. I am not talking about your average intellect here. I am talking about 3rd eye wisdom here.



Attitude is EVERYTHING to a woman. No matter what a woman throws at a man, if he’s got a good attitude he is less likely to be reactive and more like to get to the bottom of what is really going on. He doesn’t bark back like a baby, he tries to understand what is what and process the situation. He reads in between the lines and doesn’t take things as personally as reactive short tempered men. Men with a good attitude typically have good style, taste, and they are NOT CHEAP. These men don’t cut corners. How they do anything is how they do everything and THEY KNOW IT and TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT AND HOW THEY DO WHAT THEY DO.


handy man

A man who can fix shit is SEXAY!  A man who can fix the most random things, or a man who knows how to create something out of nothing is like a magician. Fixing things is masculine and for some reason women will find any excuse to take something off if a man fixes shit. I mean look at him, who wouldn’t want that right on the saw bench!

11). EDGE


Let’s face it, no one likes boring. No passion, no edge, no fire, no spice might as well be a cardboard cut out of a man. A man with no edge is like a wet towel on your fire. Women like men that keep them on their toes. A man with edge is up for anything. He’s not just some bump on a log on the couch night after night. The man has a pulse and likes to get his hands wet, his lips dirty and he likes the pressure women apply. This one is no doormat. He’s the guy who is chasing you in the rain at 2 in the morning. He’s the guy who will get you to skinny dip anywhere. He is the kind of man that keeps it interesting and mixes it up. A man with an edge is strong willed and will take you to the ends of the earth.


Kelly Marceau


Kelly, you have hit the nail on the head. This post is delicious! Thanks for sharing your summary and insights. #absolute #perfection #psiloveyou <3

Kelly- Thank you again for the words of wisdom. As a man, I too similarly, have wants about women, with very specific values, attitudes, and desires. It helps to hear your perspective to remind me of a woman’s need too.
Looking forward to the next read.


Wow Kelly , it amazes me that you write a beautiful and positive piece but get slammed for petty aspects like good looking photos of men!! Very interesting.. Well my friend hats off to you cause I thoroughly enjoyed it. Improving our connection with the opposite sex (or same sex whatever floats your boat) can only end well xx

It’s par for the course. Men will always be threatened by what women want that they don’t have or want to work for. The men who see the value in it are the ones I am targeting. The men who see it as threatening will always be threatened by something. If not this, something else. Thank you for your kind words. You are so appreciated.

I’m very into women, but if you can introduce me to a man like that, I’ll marry him.

You just described Bond, James Bond. What dude wouldn’t want to be 007? Where do I sign up? You have to get close enough to a lady to be sensual. Hell, once I get within a couple feet, I’m super sensual, like a pro, baby (hey, you don’t know me, so stow the sarcasm). I love to laugh, but usually I get a laugh at me. Ha Ha hmmmm. My charm is radioactive: it’s dangerous, unpredictable and has a short half-life, so I tend not to be clingy. I’m around when I’m needed or wanted (whether spoken or felt) and when I feel like I’m tolerable. I’m always thinking about her though, it’s heaven and hell, but more heaven. When I read warrior I hoping to read about shooting guns or kicking ass, but then I read about swallowing pride with a smile and not littering or driving an electric car (protecting women and children sounds good though). Sounds like boot camp without underwear. Fuck, I already have to do this with my boss and when a client’s little goddamn dog savagely bites my leg (“oh, that’s okay; I’ll just sew it up in the truck, no problem”). I was raised in the woods so nature and I are cool. Gator wrestling and bear fights are definitely ego-driven, no-end arguments that don’t solve a thing. Most ladies don’t dig ‘nature’ so much though. They’re cool until, well, nature calls (low blow there, sorry). I like the separation of capability, intellect, and handy-man. I now have three things to list on my resume. Every man, and woman for that matter, should know how to change a tire. Reading and following instructions is not hard. Learning and adapting to nuances is little tricky, but patience and practice are the ball busters that get the job done with efficiency. I know screwing on the balcony is edgy, but I’d rather ‘get a room’. I’ve been known to start a tickle tantrum, but the last girl I dated wasn’t ticklish so it was just an awkward moment. I’m up for anything but sometimes I’m just not in the mood.

Gay men are all these qualities, this is the reason they are sooo sexy…Lol… After have read this article I think that I need to work with myself first and have this qualities in me to find a man with this qualities. IT’s law of atracction.

This is the best of these articles Ive seen, theres a few going round at the moment. Practicle, well written and backs up my experiences with women. Well done ! Will take note

What a level of swag, I will definitely add some wisdom in the way of humor to build a good attitude in the swag 😉

This is great! I would love to read a similar article written about women as well. I think it’s important for us to look at how we get to embody the divine feminine and show up as evolved women. <3 Thanks!

The focus of the piece is the inner qualities of a man, and the writing clearly comes across as objective.

The thing is, every person has these qualities inside of them. The question is how can one create a better relationship with those qualities inside of themselves?

“A woman never has to wonder or ask where you are, she knows. She can feel you…When you have presence you show up, drop in, invest and give of yourself.”

Wow, and here I came thinking there might be some good, practical advice. Apparently I’ve got to take up smoking if I want to appear to have “edge”. Show me a man who could understand this article, and I’ll show you a man that looks nothing like any of the blokes in those photos.

I have read this a few times and what strikes me as fascinating is how the only thing that really concerns you is the imagery. What does that really say about YOU? That’s where you are getting caught up. If you cannot understand what the first sentence means maybe that is WHY you are so caught up in surface.

11 out of 11 photographs used in this article are famous actors or models. 10 of those 11 photographs are idealized representations of men, photos of men who are paid to look good – not men who necessarily embody the qualities you’re talking about in the article. Consider how this might be portrayed and received if the article were written about women, with corresponding photographic representations.

I understand how you feel and why you would suggest this, however, I come from the modeling world. I love fashion and art, and this is my art.

“I come from the modeling world” lol. What’s the look you’re best know for? Blue Steel? So I’m guessing not only are you beautiful but you’re clearly an expert on life and now you’re here to educate the peasants… Do you get a tax deduction for your charity? What’s life like as a supreme being?

Blue Steel is very original Plain Jane. You’re bitterness about beauty is evident. And your judgment is reflective of your smallness. No one said anything about supreme, that’s your projection.

Bam…spot on. All articles on the perfect women all use female models too though.

But spot on.

Give me a woman who can cook, massage, goes to the gym, has her own money and a great personality and pretty smile… and I am happy

Great work Kelly, this is the kind of thing that makes men think *I want to work on that*, *I want to learn to do that better*.

Your words open a door to a mystery and self growth

Very nice piece Kelly, and complete, nothing to add. The writing is conscious, clear, and stimulating. Thank you.

Hey Christopher, it’s awesome you care about transformation and I hear your perception and experience of my writing. You’ve said a few things about my use of imagery and defensive tone. I assume you are talking about my defensive tone with some of my commentators. First and foremost, I love imagery, photography and beauty. And I find it pretty fascinating that you think that higher levels of consciousness or to transform you have would omit imagery or the love of physical beauty. The body is beautiful and those of that are okay with beauty know this, accept it and celebrate it. Would it be fair to say the imagery triggers you? What does it trigger in you? I am a different kind of spiritualist than most. I am not an extremist. Rejecting beauty or imagery for the sake of anything is extreme. I can appreciate all the moving parts of consciousness. What I find most fascinating is you can’t just come out and say you don’t like my style and what I am about. Instead you ask me passive aggresively if I do what I do for the cool kids, so people will like me, and then you wonder why I would be defensive? At this point I am just going to stop. The reason I don’t like conversing with people like you is because it is pointless. You don’t like what I am about or my style, so why should we go on? Why would you even bother to tell someone this? How does that benefit you, because you are worried about my credibility as a mentor? I have changed lives in ways you cannot imagine. I wouldn’t work for you, and that’s ok. That’s the beauty of diversity, different strokes for different folks, or do you just view the world through a one dimensional lens? Happy New Year to you too.