Kelly means “Warrior Woman”.

This title couldn’t be more appropriate given my personality. I’m deeply passionate and curious. There is no topic too wide, too dark, too creative. I am a Sexy Conscious Awake Woman who is both intelligent and emotionally intelligent.  I am here to assist you bridge the gap between who you think you are and who you want to be.

Ever since I was a child I have had an astute sense of awareness. Even at an early I age I remember witnessing the discrepancy between what people said and how different they behaved. I saw the dichotomy of self early and I couldn’t reconcile this behavior in others, and later myself.

I lived in a world that forced belief strutures, limiting beliefs, ideologies, socialization and conditioning on me that never felt in alignment with how I truly experience my own inner world.

At 24, I had a massive conscious awakening, when I discovered that my choice in men and my validation issues with men were directly related to the abandonment by father in early childhood. I spent years unpacking the story, understanding the story, only to realize that knowing the story doesn’t help you transform the pain into healing when your emotional world and intellectual world are severed.

Talk theray is good for many things, mainly bringing issues to the surface. It helps you understand ‘your story’, trauma, unmet childhood needs, and brings unconscious aspects into the light. While this knowledge is the basis of awareness and creates conscious-awareness, real transformation (healing) requires an emotional component devoid of western psych. Western psych is rooted in knowledge but without access to emotions and feeling, without feeling the knowledge it is challenging to heal and awaken. Many of humans are cut off from their emotions.

For years I was conscious of some things and still radically unconscious about other things, because I was cut off from my emotional world.

In order to face my unconscious and truly shift, heal my emotional wounds, I had to wake up to the reality that knowledge, no matter how strong, how powerful, and how much we value it in our culture as the KING of INTELLECT, that without wisdom, knowledge is no more than an empty vessel pointing to who you want to be, but not who you are.

Healing is the only thing that awaken the consciousness into action.

And healing requires the feminine to awaken.

True transformation is a blend of both knowledge and wisdom, masculine and feminine polarity working in harmony to see unconscious patterning for what it is, and heal the emotions that are still entangled by those limiting beliefs or old programming.

I wandered for many years searching for the tools and understanding, until one day I became crystal clear about what it takes to value yourself enough to transform.

I have been every version of everyone out there struggling to understand what I was doing to stand in the way of what I wanted. In 2013 I wrote a ground breaking article that changed my life and since then I have been changing my own lives and the lives around me. I believe that people were born to be who they are, beyond their past. I believe that everyone is a creator and can have what they want in life. Suffering is optional when you have the right tools, the right guide, and the wisdom to navigate the duality of reality.

My life’s work is to heal the masculine and feminine in us all and help people heal from past traumas so they can lead the life they were born to live and thrive.