If I have given something to you and you value my work, reciprocity is welcome, you can give back. You can donate to my work.

Every morning I stand in line and pay for coffee. I pay for it happily because it peels open my tired eyes, and oh, how I love the taste of coconut chai…


Many people write to me and share their transformation stories: how my work has changed their lives, how they left narcississts, how they flipped the script or became more conscious. It’s amazing. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to know my growth has helped someone else grow too! I want to keep doing this for the whole world: inspiring, empowering, and healing others. When you think of me in the form of reciprociation, I get to make writing the focal point of my life.

Rarely does anyone ask how they can give back and reciprocate to me. In case you didn’t know, writing is not a lucrative profession. Many writers do not earn the living they need to support their passion. When you give back you empower me to focus on writing as my profession. You don’t have to support me if I do not add value to your life, but if I do add value to your life, and you do follow me, reciprocity and exchanging energy pays abundance foward, and it will come back to you just by the simple act of practicing reciprocity. Every time I add value to your life through my words and my experiences, knowledge and wisdom, you can add value to my life by giving back to me in whatever way you can.

As a conscious awake person, I am not trying to get something out of you… I am asking you to be aware of something that has not been a prior value in our culture. Reciprocity is the cornerstone of any relationship and when you reciprocate to someone who has given to you, you create this prosperity and gratitude in life. It’s a win win. I would gladly support the artists in my life that make my world a better place, god knows I support coffee houses for that help with awakening in the morning.  So, if you value my work or I add value to your life, you can value to mine and donate whatever you feel that what I gave to you is worth.