You want it. I want it. Everyone wants it.

When Daft Punk released the song: “Get Lucky” I got a text from someone I share a deep connection with who said, “You have to download this song, it reminds me of our first year together.”

I listened to the song, taking in the awesomeness of the words, sound, beat, mainly the chorus, “We’ve, come too far, to give up who we are, so let’s raise the bar, and lift our cups to the stars…”

The song, though catchy and groovy, actually brought tears to my eyes.

I am sure you have all been there, wondering how the magic and intrigue of that first year got washed in reality? The reality that threatens to suffocate magic and twist life into monotony at every turn.

You know how it works. You meet someone and it is electric, and before you know it you never knew how anything could ever feel so good, cause it hasn’t ever been this amazing before. You stay in that space, higher than a mother-fucking kite, until your rational brain begins to look at reality, a reality created out of fear you all subscribe to. The one that tells you nothing is meant to last, the other shoe is going to fall, and you can’t hold on to this magic forever. It is the reality that sinks your love into pits of limitations you all believe are an inevitability of life.

Nothing good is meant to last? You can’t hold onto the force from the beginning forever?

Is that what you believe?

Guess what? It’s bullshit.


It’s hardwired into us all: fear and doubt. The second you finally get your needs met, don’t need for a thing, are completely happy and content, you wonder what the fuck is wrong? Something has to be wrong, right?

I see it in my friends and myself. I see it everywhere. The second something is so right something has to be wrong. It is going to end, something is going to fuck it up, or take it away; it’s not going to last. Every single one of us fears this, but my question is why? Why do you fear losing what you want once you get it?

Instead of thinking of all the ways you can keep what you have, you start playing out this bullshit story that slowly begins to sabotage your love, and before you know you it, you are caught up in all the reasons it is not working, when it was working just fine until you started tripping balls about all the reasons it eventually won’t work!

If ‘the force from the beginning is what keeps the world spinning,’ if that is what you are after, how can you allow conditioning, socialization or fear and doubt to override the magic of a good thing? I get that certain connections are on a timeline from the moment you meet, you are not meant to fall in that kind of love with everyone, but when you do fall in that kind of love, the kind of love you want to keep, the kind of magic you want to hold on to, how can ANYTHING in this life ever take what you want the most away, unless YOU ALLOW IT?

A lot of you are victims of reality. I certainly know I am, until I wake up and realize how what’s happening in my life is self-created.

As victims of reality you let reality take over and become more important than what you feel and what you want, and you justify it by saying, “Welp, that is just reality. It happens to us all.”

You forget you are creator. You are not here to fall asleep, and pray that life will happen for you. You are here to create the reality you want. The only reason ‘reality’ has changed so much over time is because dreamers or people who never stopped looking at the world through eyes of wonder, never gave in to what limits us. These pioneers transcended the impossible. If the people who have had the balls to change the world stopped at what someone else taught them was possible or did not take the initiative, of their own volition, to make what they thought was possible a reality, you’d still be living in the Dark Ages, maybe still be Cave Men.

Things are possible when you allow it, when you don’t let reality, conditioning, socialization, other people, past relationships, wounds, and limitations, or society to tell you what is real. Only you know what is real for you. If you meet someone that sets your whole world ablaze and you have the best sex of your life and it is on, don’t give that shit up!

Don’t take that magic for granted. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t stop trying. Don’t sabotage and suffocate your own love and magic with all that bullshit, because that is exactly what most of you do. Most of you give your power away and most of you let your love die, because once the ‘gift’ stops giving you forget that the gift was given in the first place so  you could carry the torch. Once you are given a gift it isn’t a free ride. You have to keep that shit, and that’s why you are here. You are here to keep what is yours and make the reality you want.

Don’t be a victim of reality.

Only you know what ends you will go to keep the magic in your heart alive in life.

Only you know what you will do to get lucky.

And, for God’s sake, when the getting is good and you are getting lucky the way you want, stay with it; keep creating it.

I know I am not the authority on all things: life, so if you have thoughts or opinions, I’d love to hear your feedback. Leave your thoughts in the box below.


P.S. If this has inspired you, share it with others. Cheers.

Kelly- Tell me how you really feel! Wow, you are striking me more and more with each word. Its fascinating to read the words on the screen and imagine your lips mouthing them. I can almost see the words trickling form your lips, dripping one by one, for me. A glass of wine by your desk, the light gently cascading behind you.
Once again, thank you.


Entering a relationship with another invites substantial emotional development. I don’t think we can look at what we are ‘getting’ in a relationship as what love is or what it means. Love isn’t about getting and It’s not an experience that happens because we want it to. It cannot be acquired through purchase, claim, or demand. The ability to manifest such a magical passionate encounter is determined by emotional bravery. And this is where the breakdown occurs.

In the consciousness evolving on the planet at this point in time, the heart is predominant as the area most in need of development. We are all masters of thinking and analyzing, as well as physical/nutritional adepts (at least here in Boulder). Many are also spiritual to the point where feelings are not felt, but pushed away. The condition of the heart and the emotional body is what reveals, eventually, the Fear and Doubt you are describing. and when that starts to be felt, then it starts to get real.
Boys and girls enter a relationship with another not to enter into deeper self-development around the fear and doubt they hold within about being loved or giving love, but to hide from it. Their attention is therefore primarily on the other, on “what I’m getting from them” to make the fear and doubt go away. In an authentic intimate relationship, the attention is on our own heart and what we are radiating into the other, on “what we are giving unconditionally to them”. In other words, when it comes to relationships and why they don’t last is more about intention and iwhether the intent is “to give” or “to get”.

All romance, all sudden passionate attraction for another human being, no matter how we understand or language it, is an experience that is unconsciously driven, and one that is only awoken within us when we discover our own emotional incompleteness mirrored in another. The causal point of this sudden drive of “passion” is always coming from an inadequacy in our own emotional body. Usually, because we have no emotional body awareness, and because we are mentally and physically transfixed by the world, we believe we are being attracted to the other’s physical beauty or chemistry. However, just like a beautiful dress or a new car, it is because of the way they make us feel – or the way we think we can feel around someone like them – that we are so attracted.

What we are really saying when we exclaim, “I have found someone that makes me happy!” is that we have encountered someone who mirrors the issues that we must resolve within ourselves in order to bring our emotional body into balance.

Unfortunately, because we lack emotional intelligence and felt perception and body awareness, we do not even come close to realizing the reality of this. So we enter the unconscious dance called “romance” believing we are heading into an experience called “happiness”. Inevitably, the very characteristics that initially attracted us to this person will, after the intensity and heat lowers. be the very attributes that begin driving us crazy.

Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac. You had me at “Entering a relationship with another invites substantial emotional development.” I know that tells You that i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, which I openly admit. But, as you know, the most important things can only be know by the heart anyway, not the mind. So next time your on the west coast give me a call. I don’t care what You look like. YOU are one super sexy Devi 🙂