Drawing on Eastern and Western Philosophies, and Psychoanalytical Principles of Consciousness and the Unconscious, and Transpersonal Psychology, I guide men and women back through some of their deepest quandries and emotional imprinting from early childhood, to access how certain patterns replay over and over again in their lives. I work intensely with masculine and feminine, or yin and yang principles within both men and women, to create greater harmony within the two distinct spheres of self and soul. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, for all men and women have masculine and feminine traits within, even if one is more predominant than the other. I help my clients become more conscious of how these principles show up in their choices, behaviors, and issues. Through establishing the knowledge and understaning of their own inner polarity and need for harmony, I help my clients feel this knowledge, so that both the intellectual world and the emotional world are communciating and hearing each other. My work is focused on cultivating emotional intelligence by using the power or emotion and intelligence to bring about an awakened, more integrated state. Below are the packages that I offer. If you want to truly heal and empower your being you must be willing to commit to a program. I am not a drop in therapist. There are no quick fixes, only bandaids. If you are willing to dive into the core wounds that prohibit your growth, I am here to be your guide. If one of these programs sounds like something you need and you are ready to do the work, email me at and let’s do a 15 minute exploration call.

My spaces are limited, so please do not reach out to me if you are not fully ready for a monumental shift. I will only work with those who are truly ready to move mountains within themselves.


Many of you believe you relationships are supposed to be really hard. You believe that not getting your emotional needs met is a normal feature of relationship. Many of you want more but you don’t know if your expectations are too high, if you can really have what you want, if all men are just retarded or all women are nuts. “Is this as good as it gets?” plagues so many relationships and sometimes you don’t know if the relationship you are in will serve your highest good or if you are cutting yourself short. You don’t know if you should stay or go, if your love is healthy or unhealthy. In this 4 week program, I can help you uncover what is at the root of your question. If things are hard it doesn’t mean there is no hope, it doesn’t mean you should bail. If you are on the fence there is a reason and we will work together to uncover what is suspending you in indecision and what you need to do to move forward.


Do you know who you are in relationship? Why you attract the partners you do? Do you know what you seek out of relationship? So many of you get into relationship based upon physical attraction, but then later you notice behaviors and red flags you shove down until you wake up realize no amount of attraction can conceal the blaring truth in your face—-you have no idea who the person you are with actually is, or why you can’t seem to find someone that is more of what you want in relationship? Relationships are mirror of you and all that you don’t know about yourself, until you awaken and know yourself on such a pround intellectual and emotional level that you know exactly the function of relationship in your life. If you are looking for true love, or that right relationship where you are met, reciprocated to, and valued then you must know who you are in relationship. This 3 month program consists of twelve sessions to help you answer this question in a meaningful way, so you can create and attract the kind of relationship you seek.


Conscious relationships do not just exist, they are created and chosen over and over again. All couples, no matter how conscious are awakening everyday to unconscious limiting beliefs, patterns, socialization, conditioning, fear and childhood wounds. Sometimese you might be in the process of awakening and meet someone else who is semi-conscious or even unconscious of emotions, behaviors, and actions. Everyone needs to learn how be more conscious in relationship, and how to use their consciousness to create the kind of loving action it requires to go the distance. If your relationship is in need of a conscious shift or if it is heavily bogged down by issues that you cannot transform alone, the couples relating is for you and your partner.


If you are not attracting the kind of love you want, if you are constantly waiting for some dream guy or girl to save you from you apathy, if you do not see your value showing up in your professional life or your life and you are ready for a real shift then it is time to do some serious individual work. Self love and feeling your value are the cornerstone of everything in your life. If you want get more from everything you must invest in the value of yourself and do the necessary work to heal the wounds that keep prohibitting the transformation you need to get the life you seek.


Whether you have a goal, a dream, or you want more from life in everyday, there are some things you need to iron out before you can clear the way to receive the dream you want to be your life. If living the dream were easy, everyone would do it. Living the dream requires tremendous courage, some shadow work, healing, and alchemy. If you are ready for alchemy, you are ready to live the dream and I can help you.